April Goals Update

I wanted to give a little update on my progress towards my goals that I posted back in February. Rather than write an individual update on each goal at this time, I’m just going to cover a few key points -

  • Working out – I haven’t made nearly as much progress as I would have liked in this area. I am so out of shape it’s not even funny. The other day I put in the instructional video for Zumba and nearly passed out just from learning the steps! Needless to say I have a lot of work to do in this area.
  • Be a better student and a better wife/mom/step-mom – Something big is in the works that will allow me to make a lot of progress in each of these areas. I will post more about that soon.
  • Learn Spanish (do all 100 Pimsleur lessons by the end of the year) – Spanish got put on hold for a while due to stress and illness, but I’ve completed the first 30 lessons (all of Phase 1), and have moved on to Phase 2. If I continue at this rate I will definitely be done by the end of the year. Yay!
  • Blog > 3x per week – okay, at this point I suck. Nuff said.
  • Create a budget with the hubby and stick to it – The family budget will be implemented as of April 1 (and no it’s not an April Fools Joke!)
  • See my family back home at least 3x per year – Visited last week. One out of three down and the next is already scheduled.
  • Blog more about my family/daughter, milestones, etc – see bullet four.
  • Learn more about blog design – Took several classes over at April Showers.

So not all where I wanted to be, but at least I’m moving!

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Throwback Thursdays – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

The year was 1988. I was 11 and I lived in Ft. Wainwright, Alaska. It was that year, at the PX on base that I bought my first record. Looking back nearly 25 years it’s hard to remember Will Smith as that goofy rapper considering what he’s become today – a blockbuster movie star. Especially since it seems that his daughter is in more of the music making business than he is these days.

I wish I still had pictures to look back at those days, but sadly Katrina ate most of them, along with that very first double-album I bought when I was 11.

Click for more Will Smith or DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince or download on iTunes.

These are not resolutions!

I have never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions. Which I guess is pretty good because I also probably wouldn’t have been very good at sticking to them. But as a new mom who is also getting a little older, I have been looking at my life more and more and trying to figure out how I can make it better and more fulfilling. So instead of making resolutions, that I think about for one month and forget for the rest of the year, I am making goals – life goals. I know that ultimately in order to really focus on these goals, I will probably have to narrow it down to just a few at a time. And I will eventually need to create SMART goals for most of these. But for now, my main purpose was to start a list of things I want to work on and improve in my life. These are all meant to be tweaked and revisited as the years go by and things become more and less important in my life. By writing it all down here I am hoping to help myself be more accountable for each of these, rather than just pretending like I never made these goals, right? Overall, the theme of my goals is to create healthy habits in my life. So here goes…

Global goals
Create my life plan aka the purpose for my life
Enjoy life more
Make more time for family
Just do it and stop being afraid
Stop procrastinating

Lose weight – workout and eat better
Be more productive
Be a better student
Learn Spanish (do all 100 Pimsleur lessons by the end of the year)
Take better care of my teeth, skin and hair
Blog > 3x per week

Be a better wife/mom/step-mom
Read to my daughter more
Create a budget with the hubby and stick to it
See my family back home at least 3x per year
Go to more museums and fun places
Take more walks, go to the park and the beach
Continue towards WAHM goal
Blog more about my family/daughter, milestones, etc

Be a better employee in the job I currently have
Continue towards WAHM goal
Create online “empire”
Learn more about blog design
Learn more about graphic deisgn
Blog > 3x per week
Develop home based travel agency
Focus on affiliate marketing

The plan is to occasionally post updates on my status and plans toward reaching each of these goals, weekly, monthly or yearly depending on how I choose to measure each one. Wish me luck!

2010 Year in Review – The year I became a mom

This is slightly overdue, but I still thought it would be fun to take a look back at 2010. It was such a whirlwind year and I’m still trying to figure out how it passes so quickly!

  • B reenlisted – my hubby signed up for three more years in the Air Guard. I am so proud of him for serving our country!
  • The littlest T was born – my newest nephew made his planned, surprise appearance! I was so lucky to be able to travel back home and be there for his arrival. Little did we know he would literally deliver himself!
  • Saints won the super bowl – can’t tell you how exciting this was for a New Orleans native. The Aints picked themselves up and did the darn thing! I couldn’t even contain the thrill when it happened. I still need to frame my newspaper.
  • Gabs entered the world – how can I describe in a few lines the one event that has affected my life more than any other? I still can’t believe that this precious little girl has come into my life and changed it in so many ways… most of them good, ha ha! One of my goals for this coming year is to write more about how much fun I’m having being a mom, and write about all the special little things she does so that I don’t forget.
  • Lots of family visits – normally since we’re so far away from everyone, we’re always the ones who have to travel to see people. In 2010 the baby brought us lots of visits! My mom came the day before Gabs was born and dad came a week later. My aunt and uncle came in July and my mom and sister came in September. How exciting!
  • 1 year anniversary – B and I celebrated our one year anniversary in June. Hard to believe it’s only been one year because so much has changed in such a short amount of time! It was kind of hard to celebrate because the baby was so small, but I did manage to surprise B with an at home dinner from the place we had our first date and a red velvet cake!
  • J started kindergarten – my stepson started the big K! He’s in kindergarten now and doing so well. It’s amazing how quickly they learn once they start “real” school!
  • Holiday trips and four generation pictures – my daughter is so blessed to have four generations of family to draw from on both sides! For Thanksgiving we went to New Orleans (I ate more than my share) and we took a wonderful four generation picture with my grandparents, my mom, aunt, sister, cousins and all our family. It was an incredible experience (word to the wise – always try to avoid photo studios at holiday times, especially with a group that contained 12 adults and seven children, three of which were one and under).
    For Christmas we went to visit B’s family in Vegas. I love his mom and grandparents so much. B’s grandma is from Greece and she made us real Greek food.  I actually ate tiropita. That’s saying a lot since I’m so picky!

Whew, that took longer than I thought!  Next year I hope to have more updates about status / changes in my life… which is why I’m writing my 2011 goals!  Stay tuned…

I’ve had it up to here

So I saw this commercial today and immediately thought of my office and well, me.

I mentioned in my last post that I haven’t been doing so great with my weight.  I can’t tell you how disgusted I am.  At my six week post partum doctor’s appointment I was 20 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight.  Since then I am now back at my highest pregnancy weight.  Well, I only gained 10 pounds when I was pregnant, but still, that just ain’t cool.

I know it’s all about what I’m eating.  I go through phases where I’m healthy, but most of the time I eat way too much junk. I just crave everything.  I don’t know if it’s the breastfeeding appetite, stress, this stupid Mirena or what, but it’s crazy how much I can eat. I keep seeing commercials with Jennifer Hudson looking incredible and it has me toying with the idea of doing Weight Watchers.  I know it’s cliche, but I’m really I’ve gone back and forth but I think I’ve finally made up my mind.  I have had it up to here with my weight.  Maybe telling it to the world will help keep me accountable this time around?

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