What nobody told me about motherhood

Teddy bears in bedI definitely think someone should write a book about the things they don’t tell you about motherhood. I’m sure there’s at least a book worth of stuff that I have learned just from on the job training. Considering all the mothers I’ve known in my life, it sure would have been nice if they had filled me on on some of this.

One thing I had no clue about, is that I had no idea I could be dealing with an 18 month old who still doesn’t sleep through the  night on her own. Inevitably she ends up in our bed each night somewhere between 12 – 4 am. And if that wasn’t good enough, once she gets into the bed it’s not like she cuddles and sleeps the rest of the night. After she’s in the bed she proceeds to wiggle and turn so much that nobody is getting any sleep. Needless to say, she’s got to sleep in her bed and stay there.

I have researched a few different sleep training methods, and realized there are some things I just won’t do. Sleep training is a very personal thing and there is not a one size fits all policy. I simply won’t just leave my daughter in her room to cry it out. I am not judging parents who use these methods; it’s just not for me. Even more, I resent people who tell me to just let her cry or act like I have a third eye when I tell them my daughter still has trouble sleeping. I know I’m not the only one!

Recently I was told about a class given to help mothers struggling to get their children to sleep. The class is in Orange County, CA, and is conducted by Heather Irvine at Good Nite Baby, who also does personal consultations. For one thing the class is great because it’s so nice to hear that I’m not the only one struggling with toddler sleep issues. The class has also been a huge wake up call in addressing my own part in her sleep problems. One thing that has been kind of hard to deal with is that essentially the issues I’m having with my daughter’s sleep are of my own making. We are doing what they call “reactive co-sleeping.” In an effort to maintain sanity we bring her to our bed instead of doing what we need to get her back in her own. And it’s not even like it helps us get sleep, it just helps keep her quiet. Luckily there is no judgment, just solutions, but it’s crazy to think that my attempt just to pacify my daughter may have led to more issues.

So far in weeks one and two we have learned various ways to set the stage for sleep success. We haven’t even officially begun “sleep coaching,” but I have already made so many changes! Here’s just a quick list -

  • Eating dinner earlier, but snack before bed
  • Oatmeal as snack for most nights
  • Bath every night (as compared to every other night)
  • Shorter bedtime routine
  • Less reading time after bath
  • Louder setting on white noise machine
  • Adding a humidifier at night

I think there’s more, but that’s all I can think of right now. Next week we start the official sleep training, and while I know it will be hard I am looking forward to getting her into regular sleep habits. I think I’ll be an even better mommy once I can sleep through the night again.

Trials of mommyhood

The first time you see your baby bloodied or bruised is not likely to be a time you forget. I had my first brush with this downside of motherhood this weekend. I was holding my sweet pumpkin as she fell asleep, when I realized that her other side was covered in blood. There was blood everywhere, her hand, her eye, in her ear and all over her pj’s. I had no idea where the blood was coming from, all I knew was I had to clean her up and figure it out. Luckily she wasn’t crying or flipping out, so I was hoping the injury wasn’t anything major, but the amount of blood that had come from my baby girl threatened to make me lose it a bit.

I ran to get a towel to clean her up, and tried to figure out where it was coming from.  Once I got her cleaned up a bit, it was easy to see that the wound responsible for all of this blood was a small cut to her middle finger. A small cut that didn’t want to stop bleeding despite the fact I was applying as much pressure as I could to her tiny little finger. A couple of moments passed by and I realized I just needed to be a little patient. Everything was okay.

I still can’t believe how much worry I could feel from one little injury. I think I’m still realizing every day how much your capacity for emotion changes when you become a mother. Being responsible for the care and well being of another person is an incredible responsibility. One that I am still learning and adjusting to on a daily basis.

How much is too much?

I had no idea how hard it would be when I became a mom. It probably doesn’t help that when you become a mom, the rest of the world does not suddenly go away. Before having my daughter I was already a wife, step-mom, daughter, sister, full time employee and student, among other things. Having a child meant one more huge commitment. Nothing else went away and more hours didn’t suddenly materialize for each day.

Stressed mom

It's not unusual for me to feel like this during the day

It has been a struggle to find the time to manage everything I have to do. Many days I feel that I do not do very well at any of my obligations. I have little time to cook an actual meal, clean my house, workout or take some good ol’ me time. I end a lot of days feeling like I’m a horrible mom and I’m not doing enough.

I’m blessed in that I have a husband that does more than many for our household. He does such a good time trying to take care of me and the kids. But he has his plate full as well – in addition to having a full time job he’s also a father, a student, and he spends one weekend a month making sure he’s ready to defend our country at moment’s notice, should the need arise. Obviously, he’s stretched pretty thin, too. Utilizing family to help is not much of an option, as both of our families are so far away.

Worst of all, I know I’m not the only mom, or person, in this boat. So many of us have too much on our plates and not enough hours to get it all done. How do you decide what’s most important so you can prioritize? Is there anything you can really let slip through the cracks?

I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I simply cannot do it all. If I keep on the way I’m going, something is going to break, most likely my marriage, my health or my sanity. Some time ago I posted about wanting to be a stay home mom. Unfortunately that wasn’t an option a year ago, and it’s still not. I also don’t think it’s the answer to what I’m going through right now. But I needed to start thinking outside of the box, and luckily I was able to figure out a possible solution. It may not work for everyone, but I sure hope it works for me. I’ll post more on this soon…

We be buggin’!

Yo Gabba Gabba CrewI have a secret infatuation. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I think I like Yo Gabba Gabba more than my daughter does! Sometimes I turn it on for her and find myself watching it while she plays with her toys.  Even worse, curiosity has driven me to discover all sorts of weird info about the show – such as the fact that Plex is voiced by one of the show creators, DJ Lance is in his 40s, and the show is dubbed in the UK. 

The music and the colors somehow draw me in way more than a children’s television show should. Last time I watched it was one of my favorite episodes – the one where Muno raps about bugs. That guy has skills. I love that song so much I had to download it! I know that I’m not acting under my own influence here.  Surely this show is part of an evil plot to take over the world?

April Goals Update

I wanted to give a little update on my progress towards my goals that I posted back in February. Rather than write an individual update on each goal at this time, I’m just going to cover a few key points -

  • Working out – I haven’t made nearly as much progress as I would have liked in this area. I am so out of shape it’s not even funny. The other day I put in the instructional video for Zumba and nearly passed out just from learning the steps! Needless to say I have a lot of work to do in this area.
  • Be a better student and a better wife/mom/step-mom – Something big is in the works that will allow me to make a lot of progress in each of these areas. I will post more about that soon.
  • Learn Spanish (do all 100 Pimsleur lessons by the end of the year) – Spanish got put on hold for a while due to stress and illness, but I’ve completed the first 30 lessons (all of Phase 1), and have moved on to Phase 2. If I continue at this rate I will definitely be done by the end of the year. Yay!
  • Blog > 3x per week – okay, at this point I suck. Nuff said.
  • Create a budget with the hubby and stick to it – The family budget will be implemented as of April 1 (and no it’s not an April Fools Joke!)
  • See my family back home at least 3x per year – Visited last week. One out of three down and the next is already scheduled.
  • Blog more about my family/daughter, milestones, etc – see bullet four.
  • Learn more about blog design – Took several classes over at April Showers.

So not all where I wanted to be, but at least I’m moving!

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The lighter side of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding motherOn days like today I forget about how hard breastfeeding can be. One day I hope to write about it in detail, but breastfeeding didn’t start out easy for me. Things change though. Over time breastfeeding has gotten so easy that I don’t look forward to the quickly approaching one year mark, when food becomes more about necessity and less about experimentation.

More nights than not, the pumpkin ends up being in the bed with us. It’s a survival tactic that I want to start changing, but for right now I’m just too tired. Oh well. This morning she woke up and I just wasn’t getting to a functional state as quickly as I should have (guess I should haven’t stayed up so late last night). As I’m coming to I realize that she is leaning over me and had decided to find her own breakfast!  I guess mommy just wasn’t moving fast enough for her so she had to take matters into her own hands, or rather, mouth.

I love breastfeeding for giving me extended in the bed cuddle time with my lil pumpkin.  These days are flying by and I know we won’t be able to do it forever.

Mama said there’ll be days like this…

I just didn’t know there’d be so darned many.  

Before I got pregnant I knew there’d sleepless nights.  I figured that the first few months would be pretty hard and then everything would all even out.  Little did I know that I’d be nearly 10 months in and without a good nights sleep for nearly a year.

Yes, a year.  Unfortunately I was one of those pregnant women that began my sleepless nights well before delivery.  Towards the end I tossed and turned at night, trying to find a good position.  Being pregnant reduced me to sleeping on only one side.  Obviously you can’t sleep on your tummy.  On your back you suffocate.  And on my right side I felt like someone was sticking a hot poker into my upper abdomen (I still don’t know what that was all about, but occasionally I get that same pain now after I do ab exercises).  So that left me with only my left side.  After a while, even that’s gonna hurt. So I bought a maternity pillow. That helped… a little. 

Post pregnancy was no better. It seems that what’s good for babies – breastfeeding, helps ensure that they do not sleep. Ever. Going back to work only made a bad situation worse.  Did you know that some babies who don’t get to see mommy during the day wake up more during the night to see her?  Yeah, super sweet thought but it doesn’t help me sleep at night.

As I wrote not too long ago, things just haven’t gotten any better as she gets older.  Last week she was sick and it was even worse. When does it get better?  Does the switch go off finally where she’ll just magically learn to sleep through the night.  With each passing night I lose just a little more hope.  And a little more sleep.

Never shop unarmed…

Went to Carter’s today

I had a 20% off coupon
and a $10 off coupon
plus there was BOGO
and… double stamp Tuesdays!!!

Nobody every pays full price at Carter’s (I think they just use markup to make you feel like you got a deal), but after all the sales I paid less than half the tag prices and still walked out with another 20% off coupon and 3 $10 off coupons.


I hate shopping, but I love saving a buck.

Having a little girl is so much fun.

These are not resolutions!

I have never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions. Which I guess is pretty good because I also probably wouldn’t have been very good at sticking to them. But as a new mom who is also getting a little older, I have been looking at my life more and more and trying to figure out how I can make it better and more fulfilling. So instead of making resolutions, that I think about for one month and forget for the rest of the year, I am making goals – life goals. I know that ultimately in order to really focus on these goals, I will probably have to narrow it down to just a few at a time. And I will eventually need to create SMART goals for most of these. But for now, my main purpose was to start a list of things I want to work on and improve in my life. These are all meant to be tweaked and revisited as the years go by and things become more and less important in my life. By writing it all down here I am hoping to help myself be more accountable for each of these, rather than just pretending like I never made these goals, right? Overall, the theme of my goals is to create healthy habits in my life. So here goes…

Global goals
Create my life plan aka the purpose for my life
Enjoy life more
Make more time for family
Just do it and stop being afraid
Stop procrastinating

Lose weight – workout and eat better
Be more productive
Be a better student
Learn Spanish (do all 100 Pimsleur lessons by the end of the year)
Take better care of my teeth, skin and hair
Blog > 3x per week

Be a better wife/mom/step-mom
Read to my daughter more
Create a budget with the hubby and stick to it
See my family back home at least 3x per year
Go to more museums and fun places
Take more walks, go to the park and the beach
Continue towards WAHM goal
Blog more about my family/daughter, milestones, etc

Be a better employee in the job I currently have
Continue towards WAHM goal
Create online “empire”
Learn more about blog design
Learn more about graphic deisgn
Blog > 3x per week
Develop home based travel agency
Focus on affiliate marketing

The plan is to occasionally post updates on my status and plans toward reaching each of these goals, weekly, monthly or yearly depending on how I choose to measure each one. Wish me luck!

Dear Daughter

Dear Pumpkin,

You are the sweetest, most precious little girl in the whole world. Mommy can’t tell you enough how much I love you. However, mommy also really likes sleep. Mommy doesn’t think she’s had more than four hours of sleep at one time since before you were born, as you even liked to wake me up when you were in my tummy. So I’m going to ask you nicely, please will you learn to sleep through the night? Or if that’s too much to ask, maybe just five hours or so?

If you help me out on this, mommy will be eternally grateful and I promise I’ll give you a lollipop when you’re somewhere around five.



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